If You Want To Know Me, Look Me In The

Some things are captivating, some unsettling and some mystifying. Let's divulge...
My name is Simon, not many people I've encountered are called that, which makes me quite like it as a name. One of the few I did encounter emmigrated to New Zealand. Seriously.

This is my poetry blog. http://birdcagesformpoetry.tumblr.com There, you will find my poems. I aspire to be a writer, and I'm rather proud of my work.
My ask box is the 'Tell Me What All The Sighing's About?' at the foot of this passage. The first link below this passage contains A Few Pictures Of Myself. There are also some short stories and a couple of poems.

I'm currently seventeen, and am content with life. I'm fond of my pets; two Springer Spaniels and some occasional fish, and of skiing and the fact that my Mother has turned our lounge into a chalet. I love music and writing poetry and improvising dramatic lyrics to trivial acts in the kitchen, which I bellow when I'm alone... or when I think I'm alone, and it turns out my Dad's in the next room. I also like reading books that make me wonder. I love to act; the rush of reading out something new, morphing into someone else, I think it's brilliant. Probably part of my love of escape.

I'm very tall - 6 foot 5" in fact. I mention this, as when meeting me, it's the first thing that'll strike you. It tends to also be the first thing people comment on, which infuriates me. I don't know what it is about my being tall that forces people to blurt out their acknowledging of it, but it persists where'er I roam. I have what I suppose you could call a birthmark on my lip. It's like a raised scar. Most people don't notice it, but I quite like it, so tend to mention it in their stead.

Courtesy of a very close friend of mine, in 2010 I unearthed a love of Florence + the Machine, which lay dormant for awhile and spent a considerable amount of that year discovering rare covers and songs of Flo's, pouring over pictures, interviews and quotes of hers and generally being quite obsessive. Much of this I still continue to do, only I think I've found most of what can be found. However, the release of Ceremonials, her new interviews and articles, and her tour have only furthered my passion. I went to see her on the 6th March 2012 at the Nottingham Capital FM Arena, and I can safely say it was one of the best nights of my life. I was in seating, and didn't get to meet her, but I shook my demons out, and I know that's what she would have wanted.
I think my devotion is perfectly justified considering her all-encompassing power.
I hope to meet her at some point this year, as I'm preparing a sort of scrapbook for her, and would love to give it in person.
I'm also a really big fan of Paloma Faith, and really hope she doesn't fall into obscurity. INSTEAD SHE'S FALLEN TO GRACE IN THE MOST SPECTACULAR WAY. I saw her in January 2013, and she sang to me during Blood, Sweat & Tears and it was wonderful. I then trudged home through the snow with my best friend. It was great.

I wouldnt say I have crushes, they're more orbits. I have a heart that's too eager and it often leads me to conflicted feelings, sometimes I get dangerously close to impact, but then I'm swung away again. It's a heartbreaking process and I'm a little sick of it.

I like to wear comfy jumpers and bright trousers and love programmes like Sherlock, Luther, Smash, Whitechapel, Spooks, my guilty pleasure is Teen Wolf... and maybe Awkward. My favourite film is Easy A, but I also adore Juno, Atonement, The Hunger Games, Never Let Me Go, The Wedding Date, Bridesmaids, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower (It was wonderful in a different way to the book,) The Help, Silver Linings Playbook and Keeping Mum (a very obscure comedy about a secret murderer.)

I have a very close couple of friends that I can talk to about just about anything, but I'm quite sociable with most people. a brother named Joe, who's two years older than me, with whom I have a complicated friendship and a Mum and Dad who I'm thankful for.

My music taste has really diversified in recent years, which I'm really happy about; currently Bat For Lashes, V V Brown, Noah and the Whale, Tom Odell, Daughter and Paramore are big favourites of mine. I'm seeing Paramore in September with my friend Victoria and I'm pretty psyched.
I also really like Laura Marling; her voice and words are so unique and beautiful, the songs just allow you to see life through this third-person aspect that I think is wonderful.

Kate fucking Nash. I've been a fan of hers for many a year, and this love came to a climax on the 22nd June 2012, when I not only attended one of the most intimate and brilliant gigs I could ever conceive, but met her. You can read of this here: http://birdcagesfromitaly.tumblr.com/post/25737467036/its-such-an-appalling-photo-but-its-evidence-of - she's genuinely one of the nicest people I've ever met.

Marina & the Diamonds is also an artist I really admire and adore, her lyrics, though dysfunctional, are brilliant. Obsessions is just mind-blowing, Starring Role is impeccable, Teen Idle and State Of Dreaming just floor me everytime and I saw her on the 29th June! You can read about this here: http://birdcagesfromitaly.tumblr.com/post/26197710555/it-was-such-an-amazing-night-we-queued-for-over I didn't get to meet her, but I still had an utterly fabulous night.

Mika, Lady GaGa, Beyonce, Patrick Wolf; probably my favourite male singer, I just think he's incredible. Lupercalia is one of the most uplifting albums I've ever come across, and Bermondsey Street is such a moving song. P!nk, who I saw in April and was just INCREDIBLE, Sara Bareilles, Kate Bush, Taylor Swift, Meredith Sheldon, Of Monsters And Men (I saw them on the 25th February,) Spector (I'm saw them on the 7th November, and met the lead singer, which was great) Spry - present me with quirky and clever and there's a good chance I'll like it. Lana Del Rey... that's all I can say.

How much these artists reflect my personality is debatable, but I like to think I'm somewhere amongst them.

Penultimately, I run an advice blog; www.ifoundyourmessageinabottle.tumblr.com
If you have any issues, feel free to vent and I'll assist you as well as i'm able.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it was worth the effort.

A Few Pictures Of Myself  Nina & Stray - Ghost Stories  Lupine  Never Let You Go  Broken  I Fell For A Mermaid's Husband  The Girl Who Dragged A Horse (Inspired by Shake It Out)  Picked Last (Published in a regional anthology, and won me a Spoken English prize at school)  A Special Place In Hell (Inspired by and to be partially included in Luther)  
Tell Me What All The Sighing's About?

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